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When Atrium Village Activities Director Dena Schrier reached out to Owings Mills area schools to try and partner with them to create an inter-generational program to honor the senior living community’s veterans, she never imagined the events that would unfold from her original e-mail to St. Paul’s Boys School.


As it turned out, Dena’s suggestion dovetailed rather neatly with one St. Paul’s World History teacher Jason Coleman (and a Marine Corps veteran who served in Iraq), had been contemplating a student-run film project exploring St. Paul Alumni who had made the ultimate sacrifice.


Local Students Honor


What evolved out of these original contacts was a special Veterans Legacy Project at Atrium Village. The project brought together 15 student filmmakers from St. Paul’s and veteran residents of Atrium Village to create a short film where the veteran’s related their own stories in their own words.


In the end, both the St. Paul students and the Atrium Village veterans were able to profit from their interactions. The veterans were finally given a platform to record their experiences and the students learned a greater appreciation for the many sacrifices these seniors made.

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